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We Feel it in Our Jellies – Jan. 2020

We Feel it in Our Jellies is a collection of positive Pokémon GO moments from Communities around the world.

In this edition of “We Feel it in Our Jellies,” I found some amazing community stories in a pretty unexpected place.

Reddit. What can I say about it? Well, in my honest opinion, it’s extremely resourceful but highly toxic most of the time.

I generally avoid looking at it due to my early experiences when visiting this site. I just don’t have time for negative comments with no merit. However, I still receive emails with bits I might be interested in.

In one of the said emails, I saw the post below about the buttons, so I decided to read a bit more. To my surprise, I found a few different posts that made my heart smile and definitely deserved to be shared! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and that these individuals inspire you to grow positive community vibes!

They’ve definitely opened my eyes to a new platform of information and the individuals who use it. 


I make buttons for our local PoGo group, and wanted to offer them to r/pokemongo.

Community Day Buttons

Rather than sell them or have people chip in for shipping costs, I’ll take donations to AIDS Lifecycle, an organization that has raised over $250 million for AIDS prevention and treatment.”

– Pokémon GO Subreddit Member: u/Marine_Mustang

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“Something very nice happened in our local community.

So we have very frequented (exraid-)gym on a local playground, it’s a plane made out of wood and it’s called after a famous plane in comics of a well known german children’s book author and illustrator.

This is the gym (original portal photo taken from intel):

Graffitied Gym Location

This is the plane this gym was named after:

Paddington Bear Image

So last Wednesday when everyone raided during the legendary hour, a group started at that gym and they overheard a few kids on that playground about how dirty and ugly that thing is.

So this weekend, two girls went on a little tour and now the plane looks like this:

Cleaned up Gym Location

Silke and Stephi – you guys rock!”

– Pokémon GO Subreddit Member: u/Derausmwaldkam

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“This game is helping me so much.

My dad recently got surgery on his back after 3 car accidents and getting seriously injured. And he was needing to walk to help heal his back.

At the time I was really wanting a Pokemon game. Specifically Pokemon Emerald. But we couldn’t afford it. So instead I downloaded Pokemon go on my phone and my dad’s.

This past 2 months we’ve been walking around the local park Lake Sacagawea. And it’s done wonders for me and my dad. I also had a back surgery but when I was 5. And I had nerve damage to my legs. But Pokemon go had helped me so much.

Thank you for this game, even though it was released in 2016.”

– Pokémon GO Subreddit Member: u/Elhypersnyper

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