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Bidoof Breakout Event Review


Bidoof! Bidoof! Bidoooooof!

Oh, yes. The event was all about our Lord and Savior, the most OP Pokémon in the game, King Bidoof. 


Unsurprisingly, Bidoof were spawning everywhere.

As a new and fun mechanic, the amount of Bidoof spawning during the event increased each couple of days. It felt like the Bidoof mania was spreading, and like Bidoof really were going to take over the world. It reminded us of the Wooper Watch event, but on a much larger scale.

Shiny Bidoof was also available for the first time in Pokémon GO. With the ridiculously boosted spawn rate, many players reported finding sparkles during the almost week-long event. We love it when there is a new shiny added to the game, especially when it is freely available in the wild.


The bonuses for this event were amazing, if you like grinding for XP. And many of us do. The increasing Bidoof spawns coupled with the increasing XP bonuses really felt like the event was reaching a crescendo. Having 3 days of 4 x catch XP was actually insane and has never been done before. Praise Bidoof for blessing us with such hefty bonuses! 

Bidoof also knew exclusive moves for the event, which was really fun. Bidoof with Superpower? Hell, yes. The Bidoof Cup in GBL was one of the best meme experiences to ever grace the game, ruined only by the ongoing lag issues. Even King Bidoof cannot fix the lag.

We also have to talk about the stickers, which were quite frankly adorable. Not everybody loves stickers, but when it comes to Bidoof, how can you possibly say no?


The event featured just 3 specific field research tasks, all of which focused on catching Bidoof. The tasks were extremely easy to do considering the amount of Bidoof that were spawning. Two of the field research tasks awarded encounters with Bidoof, and the third rewarded trainers with Poké Balls.

We loved how easy the tasks were and that they offered trainers even more opportunities to catch Bidoof.

As an added surprise, special research featuring branched storylines was launched during July 1st, forever known as Bidoof Day. The research was fun and engaging, rewarding players with even more Bidoof encounters. Credit to the Niantic team responsible for writing such excellent Bidoofery. The idea of branched research is exciting and we can’t wait to see what else Niantic will do with it in the future.


For most of the event, Regigigas were still available to challenge in 5* raids. 

The other raid bosses mostly stayed the same, with the addition of Bidoof in the 1* raid pool. Honestly, the raids were nothing to get excited about. Until Bidoof Day.

On the 1st of July, Bidoof was finally recognized as a Legendary Pokémon and was featured in 5* raids. All hail His Toothiness! No other non-Legendary or non-Mythical Pokemon has featured in 5* raids, so this event really did give Bidoof a place in the history books. Not even Pikachu has received such an honor.


Clearly this event was the best event of Pokémon GO. Ever. The event scores 11/10. No questions about it.

We loved the sheer Bidoofery of the whole experience. We also loved the increasing XP bonuses, and the fact that all trainers could benefit from 4x catch XP for the last couple of days. We loved that Niantic really went all-out in giving us such a meme event; even the Today View summarized the event as ‘BIDOOF’. The social media team also deserves a shout-out for continuing the Bidoofery online, and writing such inspiring Bidoof poetry throughout the week.

How could this event have been improved upon? Even more Bidoof. Obviously.

But what did you think of this event? Did you find a shiny Bidoof? Did you battle Bidoof in a 5* raid? Let us know in the comments, in our Discord server, or on Twitter!

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