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Community Day Wrap Up, Nov. 2019

Chimchar Community Day is in the books! That hot pink fire burning bummed monkey has made its way into all our hearts and now we’d like to take a moment to highlight some of our experiences of the day!

We’ll be sure to cover the excitement as well as some items that could definitely use some attention, and community involvement also! So, let’s get to it!

Monkeying Around

To be completely honest, we didn’t hear of many complaints, suggestions, or requests this past Community Day other than the APAC region wishing they had more notice about Galarian Weezing Raid Hour. So…way to go Niantic!

A Jolly Good Surprise

Thanks to a member of the G2G Fam in New Zealand, we were able to be one of the first ones to break the news that Galarian Weezing would start appearing as a T4 Raid Boss during a special, unannounced Raid Hour, immediately following each region’s Community Day.

Although, those in the APAC region were a bit upset about the lack of an announcement to be able to prepare (who can blame them) the rest of the world was able to prepare for the chance to add a special Galarian entry into their Dex!

Galarian Weezing is still appearing in T4s. Our G-Weezy Raid Guide is available at your fingertips!

Community Moments

Community Day wouldn’t be Community Day without an awesome time with awesome people. Any in-game issues can typically be flung away when you have a solid group of Trainers by your side.

Team Rocket Takeover Little Rock

Little Rock Community Day
The Backstory:
“Little Rock Area Raids” is an active discord server for central Arkansas. The admin are great about organizing community day meet-ups to tie-in with charitable endeavors.
Recently, a community day included a drive for back to school supplies. This month, November, the discord chose to have a canned food drive to benefit the Arkansas Rice Depot. During the recent “Colossal Discovery” event, local players “amyylynnxo,” “Roder1co,” and friend dressed as Team Rocket while playing in downtown Little Rock. Kids and adults that saw them were super amused, and when they shared their photo into the local discord server we all immediately wanted to dress up, too, and make it a Community Day event.
Little Rock CD
amyylynnxxo & Roder1co
Our discord admin, “middlemayo,” made an @everyone #announcement:
It's time for a Team Rocket Takeover! This community day, Team Rocket is cleaning up their act a little bit, and we're invited to join them for a Team Rocket Takeover Canned Food Drive! Join us in your Team Rocket uniform and fight hunger!
(Participation in the Rocket takeover is not required for participation in the canned food drive, or vice versa).
We agreed to meet in front of the State Capitol to take a few photos and collect canned food before the start of the Chimchar Community Day. To keep costs for minimal for participants and to make sure everybody got to wear a style and size of their preference, we each used iron-on red heat transfer vinyl cut into the “R” shape. That allowed us to each iron the “R” onto a solid black top of our preference whether it was a t-shirt, sweatshirt, turtleneck, or hoodie.

Afterward, admin “DillTheMerman” shared this sentiment in #events:
We would like to thank @everyone who came out to help team rocket :rocket: donate to families in need today! It was a fun day full of battles, shiny hunting, and exploration! Until next time, remember to stay vigilant!
Thank you for your interest in our community’s event in Little Rock!
—Amber Henson, aka “WhatAmberLoves
Little Rock WhatAmberLoves

If you are in or around the Little Rock area, be sure to check out the Little Rock Area Raids Discord: https://discord.gg/UAZDUtV 

Ferocious Fites!

Boro Ferocious Cup Entrants

I’ll start with saying that, sadly, I didn’t actually get the opportunity to participate in November’s Community Day due to illnesses in the family.

However, I did wake up at the booty crack of dawn to spectate and cheer on those participating in our local Ferocious Cup tournament…as well as gained some puppy snuggles and ofc…DONUTS!

It was a hard fought battle, but in the end, our visitor from Connecticut was victorious!


What I do love most about my Community is how caring, committed and thoughtful they are!

No matter who, what, where, or why, the things they do for one another is something incredibly special. A gentleman in our Community recently lost his wife, pretty unexpectedly, to cancer. Names not shared for privacy reasons. 

She, too, was an avid Trainer in the community and her favorite Pokémon was Shiny Groudon. Members joined together and purchased a memorial slate plaque in her memory along with a painted Shiny Groudon canvas by a local artist who provides painting for each CD. <3 


Each month, the Murfreesboro, TN PoGO Community selects a non-for-profit to collect and donate to.

For the month of November, Angel Tree was selected and gifts for children were given by community members for donation.

Each CD also gives members the opportunity to win fun, handmade prizes, snuggle puppies and eat DONUTS!  

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