The Biggest Unofficial GO Snapshot Contest Has Ended!

With 268 unique entries, we can officially celebrate the third installment of the GO Snapshot contest as the biggest unofficial Pokémon GO photo contest in the history of the game. While this edition was hosted by none other than AR photographers PeloPoGO and Ash Ketzchup, Pokémon GO merchandise guru PoGOTrainerGear, the Pokémon Professor Network team, and video/content creator ZoëTwoDots, the voting system was solely based on public voting.

After six voting rounds of unedited GO Snapshots, three finalists claimed a place on stage and took home some amazing prizes, provided by the five hosts. Without any further ado, let us announce the winners of this edition and their wonderful work!

3RD PLACE: @bandra.go_ar

Third place goes to @bandra.go_ar (Instagram), with her GO Snapshot feeding Tyranitar. This photo shows an excellent bonding between the Trainer and their Pokémon, making it one of the public’s favorites.

Feeding Tyranitar by @bandra.go_ar 3rd place GO Snapshot Contest

Some words from the winner:

“We absolutely love how the #GOSnapshotContest3 didn’t just get our creative juices flowing, but also brought our global community together, to collectively appreciate, decide & vote for their favorite AR pics! Thanks to the hosts for organizing such an engaging contest and encouraging us not only to “Catch ’em All” but also to “Snap ’em All”!”

2ND PLACE: @eviespokepics

In second place, we see @eviespokepics (Instagram) training with her Hitmonchan. The moment is captured exactly right, with Hitmonchan dodging the hit of its Trainer. What makes this GO Snapshot even better, is the perfectly positioned shadow of Hitmonchan on the ground, building up to an even more realistic photo.

Training with Hitmonchan by @eviespokepics GO Snapshot Contest 2nd Place Winner

A word from the winner:

“The GO Snapshot contest has been an intimidating but inspiring experience. Though it was nerve-wracking seeing how good the competition was, I loved seeing all the AR photos together because it shows how uniquely creative every artist is. There are so many different styles, concepts and themes, the photos showcase how Pokémon inspire and connect so many amazing individuals. It was really exciting to be a part of this and I’m still impressed by how many awesome photos there were and it refuels my drive for improvement.”

1ST PLACE: @pokemoninlife

Not many words are needed to prove that this photo from @pokemoninlife was crowned as the grand winner of GO Snapshot contest 3. The location, the interaction, and the overall feel shows what AR photographers are striving for!

1st Place for the GO Snapshot Contest @pokemoninlife

Let’s see how our grand winner experienced the contest:

“This photo was taken when I went to Sea Cave at Tzaishan. It’s a famous spot for many IG influencers and make their own photos. It’s in the southern city in Taiwan, called Kaohsiung. My hope is to go travel around the beautiful spot in my country and take photos with Pokémon. And I really like Pokémon GO, it gives me opportunities to go out for adventure, meet different people and most of all, it inspires me to create. I think it’s the most important part. Try to see what’s in your daily life and make it into your own wonderful dreams.”


Ash Ketzchup: Wow! This has been a ride. This third installment of the GOsnapshot contest was the first one I co-hosted. I was amazed by the number of entries we received, and the interaction of the community during all voting rounds exceeded my expectations. I really feel this contest brings the AR community even closer (than it already is), discovering new people to follow and be on the lookout for their work.

Pokémon Professor Network: The creativity of this community never ceases to amaze me! While I was impressed with the volume and quality of submissions, I was most inspired seeing the community come together to cast their votes and talk about GO Snapshot with such passion. I look forward to the constant inspiration that this community creates.

ZoëTwoDots: I had so much fun seeing all of the outstanding shots taken by our community! Some new faces, some veterans of the AR community. All coming together to share their skills and creativity in AR photography! Week after week I see firsthand the improvements these creatives are making in their compositions, angles, lighting, motion, interaction, it’s truly remarkable. Keep up the great work everyone and thank you for pleasing our eyeballs with your great shots!

PoGOTrainerGear: Wow! What an amazing turnout! I’m honored to host these beautiful AR photographers for the 3rd time around. So much creativity, so many different vibes and skills. Big thanks to all the participants and hosts. Huge congrats to the winners! Can’t wait for the next one!

PeloPoGO: It has always been an honor to have created this contest and for it to be so well received by the international community. I feel this platform is special as it gives us the oportunity to compete on a global scale as well as give us the power to vote, expressing our passion of AR photography on both ends of the spectrum. I look forward to keep sustaining this contest as long as possible with any friends who would like to join as co-hosts or participants. As long as there is support, there will be a next GO Snapshot contest. Lastly, I’d like to offer special thanks to my friends Zoë, Ken, Laurens, and Nikko who helped me push this project to what it is now. It might look easy, but ordering 260 photos and editing them into a format while keeping it understandable for 5 different phones is really challenging. I’m glad you all enjoyed it, thanks for your submissions and votes, see you next time!


While the third unofficial GO Snapshot contest has officially ended, we are not done. We are already thinking about the next one and how we can make it an even bigger and more interactive experience! Give us a minute of your time and tell us how we can improve, or what you like to see in the future GO Snapshot contests! Give us your feedback here.

To be eligible to participate, Trainers had to upload only one unedited GO Snapshot on their Instagram account. Tagging all 5 host in the photo and using the hashtag #GOsnapshotcontest3 made the entry valid. Next, all participants are put in a randomized tournament program called Challonge ( For example, if we have 268 entries, that means we start off with 134 initial battles. So, the first rounds consist of 134 voting stories on one of the host’s Instagram stories. Each story includes the photos of two participants. Then, the public can vote for their preferred GO Snapshot in each story. Next up, we remain with 134 participants, and the voting rounds start again (on one of the hosts’ Instagram stories). Ultimately, we end up with one grand winner! We offer the Challonge link, so you always have a clear overview of how many votes were given and who will be your next opponent.

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Ash Ketzchup

Pokémon GO photographer traveling the world to meet new people!

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