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Niantic X Microsoft Hololens

A Welcomed Partnership for AR Enthusiasts

Even before the release of Pokémon GO, Trainers have been fantasizing about how it would be to have a real-life Pokémon. Niantic already has made an excellent approach in that direction by introducing Pokémon GO in 2016. The newest collaboration with Microsoft, and its so-called Hololens, will bring this dream of having real-life Pokémon one step closer to reality. This article will go over some of the possibilities for Pokémon GO players and Pokémon GO photographers in particular.


Yesterday, Niantic announced on Twitter their recent collaboration with Microsoft, particularly exploring AR technology with the Microsoft Hololens. Accompanied by a proof-of-concept video, John Hanke and Veronica Saron demonstrate how such AR glasses (let’s stick to this term for now) could improve the game and blur the boundaries between the digital and the physical world.

It is important to mention here that the current AR glasses are a proof-of-concept and not yet available for consumer use. Also, prices are not yet consumer-oriented. Similar to the evolution that VR goggles have made (for example, PlayStation VR) compared to previous models, AR glasses have become cheaper, more convenient, and easier to wear. Nonetheless, the demonstration video already provides a glimpse of what we’ll be able to get in the coming years, being it a bulky headset for now.


AR glasses will basically eliminate the need to look at (or even use) your smartphone to play Pokémon GO. Seeing Pokémon in the physical environment – as if they were there – will bring some interesting changes to all types of players. For example, imaging meeting a Trainer in real life, which has a pop-up above its head mentioning he or she is ready to battle. Next, you spawn your Pokémon and let the battle commence. 

One group of players who are curious about AR glasses are AR photographers/enthusiasts. So far, AR photographers have stumbled upon several shortcomings of the current AR technology, limiting their creativity in some way. With AR glasses, hopefully, some of those limitations can be tackled. For example, with AR glasses, you will have a broader field-of-view, allowing you to see more of the environment. As such, more Pokémon could be placed in the physical world, and Pokémon group photographs could be even more immersive than before. While it is not fully clear yet how the technology will work, it might even facilitate taking selfies with your Pokémon GO buddies.


While the current Microsoft Hololens is steep in price and not yet consumer-tailored, we at G2G believe that consumer-focused AR glasses will see their potential in about 3-5 years. We believe it will give Pokémon GO that last boost after most of the generations have been integrated into the game. To say it with the words of Mr. Hanke: “I’m game!”.

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