GO Snapshot Updates We Would Like to See

New Pokémon Snap is currently taking the world by storm. Many Trainers who may not enjoy GO Snapshot are now discovering the joys (and frustrations) of photographing their favorite Pokémon in action. Social media has been inundated by cute, colorful, and downright comical photos from the Lental region. Who knew Fluffruit could cause so much craziness?

The Lental region is truly stunning and allows us to see Pokémon in their natural habitats. But it does not allow us to see Pokémon in the real world. There’s only one game that allows us to do that – Pokémon GO. If you’re enjoying New Pokémon Snap, you really should try using the GO Snapshot feature in Pokémon GO. There’s nothing quite like taking a selfie with a Snorlax or trying to recreate the Lake of Rage scene from Pokémon Gold and Silver with your very own shiny Gyarados. Even so, GO Snapshot is far from perfect, and there’s a few changes we’d like to see to make the experience even better.


At present, Pokémon in GO Snapshot has quite a limited set of animations. More animations would mean more exciting ways of photographing Pokémon interacting with the real world. Imagine being able to position a Meganium, so it looks like it’s about to bite an apple out of a tree or a Machamp punching at a foe. It would also be great if certain Pokémon could pose for photos. Nobody wants to see a pouting Probopass or a voguing Victreebel, but there’s no reason some Pokémon can’t pose if they know they’re on camera. Say (Moomoo) Cheese!


Although it is possible to take a photo of yourself and your Pokémon, it’s not the easiest thing to do in the world. A new selfie mode would be amazing to help solo photographers take pictures of themselves and their best buddies whilst out on their adventures. This would also work well with more pose-like animations. When in selfie mode, different Pokémon could perform different animations. Come on, Tyranitar, give us a smile! No? OK, suit yourself, you big grump.


It is possible through the buddy system to have more than one Pokémon in a photo if you have another player with you. But for solo photographers, this isn’t possible. It’s a shame to limit creativity based on the number of trainers available, especially during a pandemic when social distancing has become the norm. ‘Family photos’ of evolution lines are adorable, and there’s so much more opportunity for fun storytelling with more than one Pokémon in a photo. Just imagine recreating the battle between Mewtwo and Mew from the first Pokémon movie. *Chef’s kiss*


There are literally millions of different editing apps out there, but why should trainers have to leave Pokémon GO to spruce up their photos? Niantic could add a few editing options to GO Snapshot so that players can alter the brightness or sharpness of their images, and maybe add their own watermark or stickers. The editing function doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, just something to add a little polish to our photos.

Are you a keen Pokémon photographer? Which features would you like to see in GO Snapshot? Let us know in the comments, in our Discord, or on Twitter!

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