AR Photography from Home – Bokéhmon

While it is advised to stay at home during these times, this should not be a reason to defer your Pokémon GO photography sessions! This guide will lead you through one of the most effective AR photography techniques to use at home: Bokéhmon.

What's Bokéhmon?

Bokéhmon is a combination of ‘bokéh’ (a term mostly used in photography to denote the visual quality of areas which are out of focus) and ‘Pokémon.’ As the definition states, this technique is a great solution when your surroundings are not that impressive (your house or garden), and you cannot go out and explore as you would like. The bokéh effect blurs out the background, which puts more emphasis on the Pokémon itself rather than the environment.

This technique might seem hard at first, but easy to master when you get the hang of it. This video tutorial shows the technique step by step. It is advised to use Buddy Mode (set your Pokémon as a buddy), and spawn the Pokémon from there. This will allow you to ‘rub’ the Pokémon when it is spawned in the environment, so it does an extra animation only possible in Buddy Mode. 

HOW TO Bokéhmon

Step 1: Spawn the Pokémon from Buddy Mode

Step 2: Place your hand in front of the camera (if the Pokémon floats away, retake step 1)

Step 3: (optional): Rub the Pokémon, so it does its animation

Step 4: While the Pokémon does its animation, quickly remove your hand from the frame and take the GOSnapshot

Step 5: Edit the photo as you prefer

If you have any questions about the technique, do not hesitate to send @ashketzchup (Twitter or Instagram) a DM! Tag your best Bokéhmon shots with #G2GAR on socials, and we will reshare some of our favorites! Stay safe, and have fun photographing!

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